Friday, 3 January 2014

2014... The Resolution!

Ok guys,

It has been so long it is a joke!
2013 wasn't the best, however its a new year and this is where i start again!

So I've been messing around really just warming up again, much to learn much to process so here is some experimentation for you!

I follow "Daily Spitpaint" on Facebook (something i am yet to post in) so taking one of todays topics 'King Scorpion' i used this as inspiration to create the following. I will be using these topics as a method to get my creative juices flowing as i have struggled for inspiration lately.

Below are my stages of process from rough concept to value mapping then adding colour with an overlay. However before taking this into photoshop i generated a few thumbnails in my sketchbook. I am going to work a little further into this and add the 'King'.

I WILL update you when its complete hopefully in the next few hours :)

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