Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Sky Protector - step by step design process so far...

I have always found it interesting drawing creatures from random shapes and forms especially looking at clouds or water droplet formations, i tend to spot interesting shapes and before i know it ill have a crazy idea in mind! Taking this into account i started messing around with shapes in Alchemy and seeing what i could discover, i have also found that listening to a good selection of music can also greatly influence your thought processes and inspire you in ways you hadn't thought before - I'm currently listening to the Skyrim Elder Scrolls sound track while i work as i find the tracks help me envision whats actually happening in the piece...

After a few attempts in Alchemy i found a shape i was interested in developing further, i exported it to Photoshop so i could then begin experimenting with the form...

Original Alchemy Design.

I had the shapes appear randomly as a drew, forming the obscure shapes however i could see the foundations for a type of serpent creature. Once exported i then selected a colour palette of complementary soft blues and yellows. Below i have faded the creature slightly so you can see the original inspirational shapes below... 

Developing form.

Looking to the sun (not finished).

I then began to rough out an idea for the back drop, as the creature developed i started to imagine a legendary creature of the heavens that has only been talked of in stories and the ancient bibles - a protector of the skies... Anyway this is why i have kept similar soft colour tones in the skies.

I plan to make the wings appear more in the form of a bats wings with a transparent appearance - which i haven't tried before so it'l be a learning curve (will discuss with you later). I also intend to add suggestions of other creatures like this one in the distance creating the image of a small group of these creatures watching over the skies.

This piece isnt yet complete however i havent updated you with digital work for a few days now and thought you'd like to see what I've been doing with myself! I will update more stages and talk through them as it nears completion.

Thanks for reading and ill keep you updated!


  1. Truly amazing drawings! You are an inspiration to others.

  2. Thank you very much, keep checking back to see what i get up to and be inspired!