Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Sky Protector - step by step design process so far...

I have always found it interesting drawing creatures from random shapes and forms especially looking at clouds or water droplet formations, i tend to spot interesting shapes and before i know it ill have a crazy idea in mind! Taking this into account i started messing around with shapes in Alchemy and seeing what i could discover, i have also found that listening to a good selection of music can also greatly influence your thought processes and inspire you in ways you hadn't thought before - I'm currently listening to the Skyrim Elder Scrolls sound track while i work as i find the tracks help me envision whats actually happening in the piece...

After a few attempts in Alchemy i found a shape i was interested in developing further, i exported it to Photoshop so i could then begin experimenting with the form...

Original Alchemy Design.

I had the shapes appear randomly as a drew, forming the obscure shapes however i could see the foundations for a type of serpent creature. Once exported i then selected a colour palette of complementary soft blues and yellows. Below i have faded the creature slightly so you can see the original inspirational shapes below... 

Developing form.

Looking to the sun (not finished).

I then began to rough out an idea for the back drop, as the creature developed i started to imagine a legendary creature of the heavens that has only been talked of in stories and the ancient bibles - a protector of the skies... Anyway this is why i have kept similar soft colour tones in the skies.

I plan to make the wings appear more in the form of a bats wings with a transparent appearance - which i haven't tried before so it'l be a learning curve (will discuss with you later). I also intend to add suggestions of other creatures like this one in the distance creating the image of a small group of these creatures watching over the skies.

This piece isnt yet complete however i havent updated you with digital work for a few days now and thought you'd like to see what I've been doing with myself! I will update more stages and talk through them as it nears completion.

Thanks for reading and ill keep you updated!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Surprise Birthday Portrait

This portrait is of a beloved pet that recently passed away, my client planned this as a surprise Birthday gift for her Mum (the dog owner).

I have recently been told she was over the moon and personally thanked me for such a lovely reminder of her late beloved pet.

Monday, 29 April 2013


Completed Concept

Today I have been working from a reference picture to recreate a picture of Ironman I liked but in my own art style. 

As you can see from the image below I work with an original picture as reference but I do not believe in drawing over the picture (that would be cheating!) my artwork is all free hand. Making mine slightly different to the original picture making it unique to me, learning more about form and composition as I go. 

I also learnt a lot from this exercise regarding colour range and tone to achieve metallic effects of metal.

My next steps are to learn more about the human form and eventually be able to recreate artwork like this from memory.

I've also had some excellent advice today regarding form and anatomy and that is to look at the Hulk - as his muscles are exaggerated this can help again a greater understanding of the subject. (Thanks Stu!).

Development early stages and reference image

Sunday, 28 April 2013

'On the Prowl'

I've really been focusing on loosening my art style recently, trying to work much quicker mapping out key areas of form using quick rough looking strokes up close but from a distance the image looks well formed.

This particular painting took me between 2-4 hours but i did spend more time on this one ensuring I was happy with the level of detail on the face whereas the body, limbs and background are not as detailed as i aim to draw peoples eyes to the 'eyes of the Tiger' as this i believe is the main focal point of the image, the rest is only suggested...

Really enjoying this style and will continue to produce more possibly looking into environments and landscapes next!

I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

'Bunny on a Tundra'

Continually trying to speed up with the Digi-painting, and its working!

Practice Practice Practice!!!

Using photographic reference imagery i can get the colour and lighting right as well as discovering new brush effects.


(Also trying to make my Blog 'Followable' stay tuned).

Monday, 22 April 2013

Tiger Shake Down

Not updated for a while guys I do apologise! Above we have a Tiger having a Shake Down which i LOVE and I am contemplating getting in printed for my Wall!

Below is still a learning curve for me, not done much environment based artwork so more practice is needed.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

More pooch portraits!

This is my latest pet portrait I completed as a Mothers Day Gift.

I'm benefiting from doing these pet portraits as they are helping further develop my fine art skills whilst helping me gain further knowledge and understanding of light shadow and form and also scale and composition.

Stay tuned as I'm well on my way with the next one...

Friday, 22 March 2013

Mug Shot... The Alien Warrior

Passport Photograph Example...

Inspired by various websites over the past few days my crazy head produced this freaky looking thing! I often wonder if i have a problem... or just an interestingly strange imagination?!

I quite like this guy, i roughed out a scribbly silhouette, discovering interesting shapes as i went along, then built up the shape and form, later applying tones and a colour overlay. Its supposed to look a tad rough highlighting key features as i continue to loosen my art style. I like the mystical aura the creature is giving off perhaps conserving power, posing for his passport photo... or preparing for a devastating attack... who knows!

I wouldn't recommend sticking around to find out!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Latest Clients Pet Portrait...

Hey Guys!

Here's my latest Pet Portrait for one of my Clients.

This one was drawn on A3, mounted and framed.

Whilst producing these artworks I am finding myself gaining further understanding of light and shadow and defining my Fine Art skills.

I'm really enjoying it!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My 1st Clients Pet Portrait...

My clients pooch 'Junior' has been sketched in pencil with a strong attention to detailing to capture the character and charm of his beloved pet.

This piece is a complete 'one off' signed and dated and drawn on A4 high quality paper. Afterwards I framed and mounted the piece in a 14"x11" thick edged black frame.

My client said this about his portrait:

"Thank you very much that is fantastic... the detail is amazing, you really have captured him." - Liam.

For more information contact me via email at:


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Framed Artwork

As I love everything wildlife I am currently working on a selection of Pencil Sketches which I intend on Framing, Mounting and Selling.

Here is an example of the Swan I drew a few days ago framed and mounted.

Sketch: A5 - 21x14.8cm - HB Pencil.
Frame: 10x8in - 25.4x20.3cm.

I am planning to sell my pieces and advertise in local businesses. I also do Pets and Animals of choice upon Request.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you are interested or for more information contact me on the below email address:


Monday, 18 February 2013


Swan portrait sketch. HB Pencil.

Sketchbook things!

These are just a few things I've been doing in my sketchbook recently.

I particularly like the Hamster life Drawing which inspired me to create a cute little Hamster Character - Evan!

The pigeons where making the most of the "Fat Balls" in my garden (eating the lot) hence the awkward positions.

The weird creature was inspired watching my partner playing on Dead Space!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Welcome to my new Blog!

My other Blog http://stephscreaturegallery.blogspot.co.uk/ is all about my journey on my Master's Degree in Games Design, however now that i have finished Uni i have set up my new Art Blog! Here i will be posting anything from Life drawings, Cartoon Sketches, Realistic Sketch work and the completely weird and wonderful things in between going on in my head!

To get you started and give you an idea of what i do check out my latest on line Feature on a local business website, Business Boom Bolton...


Or check out the 'Online Portfolio' and 'Art Books' tabs above!

Stay tuned!